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On the boat with Dreckly Fish

Friday 19th June 2015

3 a.m. – Whose clever idea was this??? The Dreckly Fish boys have kindly invited me out with Kevin Penney  (@drecklyfish) on his boat, Bess, to go haul pots for crab and lobster. It’s shaping up to be a lovely day.

So I get tasteful yellow waterproofs thrown at me and promptly get them on…and we head off round to Land’s End before we turn about and start to lift the pots. I even took control of Bess for a while and managed to lift a few pots (after a couple of failed attempts) which offered up a mixed bag of treasure….lobsters, brown crabs, spider crabs (Cornish King Crab), starfish, velvet crabs, three bearded rockling, conger eel and wrasse. We take a little detour to chat to @cornish_lobster who was reeling in some spider crab nets.

It’s a beautiful and thought provoking trip leaving me with lots of memories; the sun rising and catching on the tips of the hill coastline, the tunnels in the coastline with appropriate names e.g. horse in the stable and mousehole.

And to top it off, I left Newlyn Harbour some 7 hours later with my very own lobster and pair of crabs. My children, Lachlan and Grace, were extremely excited to see them and Lachlan is intent on coming mackerel fishing next time…