The Shore Restaurant, Penzance

Thank you for a fun year…we are now closed until the end of January.

Bookings now open for January and February!

Booking with us is now like booking a ticket at a (very small and personal)  theatre.

Pay for your seat for a specific day. (This covers most of the food cost subject to small increases due to market prices).

Within reason, you may amend the booking (dates and party size) online but seat purchases are non-refundable.

I’m sorry but, as a one man kitchen,  it is not possible for me to cater for allergies or dietary requirements, if you book you may miss out elements of the meal. (Note: the menu is pescatarian)

Due to the small size of the dining room, we also do not allow animals of any kind into the restaurant. If you turn up with an animal, you will be turned away and the ticket price retained.

The Shore Cookbook is available in the restaurant or from the publisher (delivered worldwide) here