We try to space our bookings to provide the best service and experience we can to every single guest that dines with us. Once you’re in just sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.

Opening Times

Friday – Saturday: We are open for lunch from 1230 to 1330

Tuesday – Saturday: We are open for dinner from 1830 to 2100


Opening times may vary if we have no or few bookings so it is always advisable to book.

Please help us by letting us know of any delays or changes to your booking prior to arrival.

We will call to confirm your booking (typically 24-48 hours beforehand), if we are unable to receive a positive response by 5pm prior to service, the booking slot may be re-sold.

Due to the size of the restaurant, the maximum booking size taken online is for a party of 4. Larger bookings or general enquiries can be made over the phone (01736 362444).

We ask that you inform us of any dietary requirements your party may have upon booking so we can tailor the menu accordingly. Please do note that we offer a fully seafood menu prepared and cooked by Bruce daily so we ask that you respect and honour the booking times (and staff) to receive the best experience.